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Re: brake fluid anyone?

>Day 1. Went through a set of Metal Masters
>Day 2. Went through 1/2 set of OEM's
>I do destinguish between the fluid fade and the pad fade. I had both. 
>The brakes "slipped" so to speak, requiring an increased effort on the pedal

>- that can be attributed to the pad fade.
>The pedal itself had increased its free travel by good 15-20mm - that's 
>fluid fade. It only occured after a coule of laps with some agressive 
>cornering and went away after the cool down. I did bleed the brakes once a 
>day with a pressure bleeder - air in the lines was never present. It's gotta

>be the fluid boil!

Your problem can be traced back to the fact that you went out on the 
track with crappy pads.... Sorry but that's the bottom line.  Slagmasters 
and OE's CANNOT Handle the sustained brake temps that are generated at 
the track. If your going to run at the track you have to use good pads.  
(Cool Carbons, Pagids, etc)  I have Never had fluid fade at the track 
with CC's and ATE Blue.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO