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Re: A4Q: questions, comments, observations

On Sep 16,  7:48pm, Christopher Wong wrote:

> 1. why is the right side mirror smaller than the right
> 2. why are there "dummy" buttons on the dash, ...

Asking "why" will only serve to anger the Audi gods.

> 3. when you are driving w/o the ac on, does warm air flow out
> of the vents? 

Yes.  It seems to me that the "ductwork" gets pretty warmed up
from sitting in the sun or from residual engine heat, and they
take a long time to cool down.  I hope that's it, and not that
the heater core is always flowing!

Along these lines, has anyone else noticed how much heat this
car puts out?  I mean, go for a drive, then let the car sit a
couple of hours, then open the glove compartment... toasty.
Or feel the bottom of anything that you've put in the rear left
portion of the trunk.

> 5. is everyone else's radio reception a little disappointing?

No.  It's a LOT disappointing.

> 6. has anyone figured out a way to protect the armrests and center 
> console. they are already showed signs of wear.

I've Scotchgarded mine, and I try not to use them to much.

Does anyone know what microcontroller is used for the climate
control?  It's getting to the point where I'm gonna pull the
chip, disassemble the code, and rewrite it so that I can turn
on "recirculate" without the A/C on.  Has anyone "chipped"
the climate control?   :-)

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q

> ps. what kind of gas mileage have people been getting? just curious.

Now a bit over 24mpg (was 23.0 mpg).  My commutes are mostly
20 mile, mostly-highway runs.