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A/C Compressor

Hi All,

I don't remember who posted a message regarding an A/C clutch, but if
you are willing to go rebuilt the following may be two good places to
check out.  The prices were substantially lower than the $500+ that you
had mentioned.

> Ted Pangle
> German Auto Recycling
> 3539 Recycle Road, #2
> Rancho Cordova, CA  95742
> (916) 631-7280
> (800) 688-AUDI
> FAX: (916) 631-8708

> Andy Green
> Auto A/C (Florida)
> autoac@ibm.net
> FAX: (954) 566-1736

Sorry but I don't recall Auto A/C's phone number...they have a home page
on the web, if you want to look it up.  I got two rebuilt Nippondenso
compressors in April from Auto A/C for $200 ea (plus shipping - no core
charge).  They've been working great ever since.

I would've gotten them from German Auto Recycling, but they responded to
my e-mail two days too late.  They quoted me $175 each plus shipping,
but I had already place my order with Auto A/C.  Oh well, a penny here,
a penny there....offerings to the almighty Audi Gods.

Henderson Nuuhiwa

'85 BMW 735i (her car)
'86 5KS (my car)
'88 5KS (to be sold)