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Re: Wheel Bearings Again....

Scheff, the tool your in search of is made by a SoCal company called
Schley Products Inc. Part #94350, costing $165 for the complete kit. It 
will pull all Audi bearings except the 100LS model. For this you need a 
special adapter.

This tool is no "God Send" by any means.  There's quite a bit of 
physical effort involved in its use. Two bearings will wear you out
in the hour it takes to remove them. Four will thrash you!!(just 
kidding) The tool is a "press" minus the hydraulic's, which you will 
Also needed are a large 21 inch Cresent wrench, and a breaker bar with a 
32mm socket or a 32mm wrench, or two LARGE cresent wrenches!
These are required to turn the tools large center bolt in order to
facilitate the bearings removal.  This action is made more difficult
if the bearings are rusted, or over heated during use. If you live in an 
area of the US that "salts" the roads during winter, your bearings will 
be difficult to remove.

Prior to removing the actual bearing, the wheel hub must be removed.
You must remove the brake disc and calipers from the strut assembly 
prior to this step. 

To remove the hub, there are special bolts that go thru the lug bolt
holes and pull the hub out of the bearing, while tightening the bolts.

This action will destroy the bearing, and usually leave you with one of 
those two race's wrapped around the hub.  To remove the race, you'll 
need a special puller, tailored to pull this particular race. Or 
fabricate one from an existing puller. You'll also need a piece for the 
center of the hub to allow the puller to function. Once again if its 
rusty, it will be tough!

After all this you'll need to install the new bearing, pressing them in 
the strut assembly with the tool. It goes in with as much effort as 
it took to remove. Plus there's a couple of tricks to know with the lock

So by no means is it an "easy job". An "experience" YES! I wouldnt want 
to be in the buisness of changing wheel bearings for a living!
I replaced three sets, in two weeks time, at my shop and had blisters
and soreness after wards!

                      Goodluck!        M