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strange warning in 90q

Hi all, I had an interesting thing happen last night in my 90q

While driving home, I stopped at the grocery store and all was fine.

Come back out of the grocery store, get in the car and start driving as 
usual, then in traffic, the water temp warning light in the autocheck 
display came on. It was red instead of yellow, indicating that ther was a 

This light went out after about 20 seconds.

I looked at the temp guage and it was normal, about midway between cold 
and hot.
Since I was about 1.5 miles from home and the temp was normal, I drove it 
to the house.
I got out and checked everything over, and found nothing wrong, coolant 
level was good, no signs of leaks anywhere, no noises from water pump 
etc., no steam....

What gives?
Anybody have any ideas?????


Todd Candey                       89 90q 
Elk Grove Village, IL             81 4k 5+5
USA                               85 4ksq