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Re: Why glass, when there's fibre!

Darin Nederhoff wrote:
> Well, you are correct Dan... our very own Todd Candey is working
> on his 'Composite Garage' venture.  (He has a temporary web
> site within the Audi Registry ad section.)   Ivor at TAP is
> also planning on buying some of Todd's stuff (as well as
> importing some of it).
> >Perhaps he'd care to give some info on how that's comming?
> Ask Todd... ;)   I did talk to Ivor briefly yesterday about his
> web site and he was telling me a little about what he's got in
> the works.   I WON'T go into detail with it on the list... I'd
> probably get the flame throwers if I did that.  ;)

Holy need for NOMEX Darin!

Right now, the composite garage venture is starting to take off, but 
that's just it, it's starting....

We do have a few things that are done and available, we also have a few 
things that are in various stages of completion. i.e., working on molds 
of the 200q flared fenders, etc.

We will have a fairly broad selection of components available, but that 
availability will be fairly limited.
The philosophy is that we will provide a part only when we a truly 
convinced that it's perfect and ready for sale.
The last thing that we need is to put a part out just for the sake of 
selling it only to have it be less than perfect.

While the commitment to quality may slightly raise a products price, rest 
assured that you will not find a better example at any price.

As far as the Composite Garage and TAP are concerned, that relationship 
is one of wholesaler and retailer. There are and will be certain items 
that are produced exclusively for TAP with their designs, but they will 
be manufactured to OUR standards, not someone elses.

Ok Ok, enough playing salesman for one day....
> Later,

Todd Candey                       89 90q 
Elk Grove Village, IL             81 4k 5+5
USA                               85 4ksq