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Re: Fastest Stickiest Audi

Road & Track magazine did a piece in their January 91 issue that 
compared these three cars:

Audi Coupe S2
Mercedes Benz Evolution II
BMW M3 Sports Evolution

R & T had this to say of the Audi;
"The S2's awd grip off the line and excellant mid-rpm torque made it the 
group's surprising drag race winner. Tossed through the slalom, its awd 
also gave it most-benign honors, though considerable body roll and the 
group's narrowest tires prevented another victory."

This article is Front cover, and 10 pages long. For those whom dont have
it, it comes as highly recommended reading.

Especially for the realization that, The Audi was in estute company here
and performed remarkably well for "stock" !

It also give's you a chance to drewl over the Euro toy's and wish the 
autobahn came to America!