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Re: A4 Reliability

Hello there. I'm new to the Quattro-Digest. I find myself lucky enough to
be in the market for a new car and it's come down to a toss up between an
A4Q and a 328iBMW....ooops, said a dirty word there ? Funnily enough I
posted the same message on the BMW Digest and the responses were, for the
most part, even handed and balanced. Nice to know that car enthusiasts can
see beyond the BMW (or Audi) is a presitge car that's why you should buy it
type thinking.

In any case the most common thread from reply to reply was concerning the
reliability of Audi (based on previous M/Y) and that that was the main
reason to stay away from them. O.K. so now the A4 is all new. So I am
seriously considering it regardless of previous horror stories (or not).
The other most common thread was performance related. A4's softer ride, not
as nimble handling, and obvious lack of power under the hood. The S4 should
resolve those issues so I'll stick to the reliability issues as a litmus
test for now.

So, here's the question enquiring minds want to know:

How reliable are the new Audis? Comments, experiences from those with A4Q
for at least 6 months would greatly be appreicated. I know you want to tell
me all about it. Please do. Help me spend my money would ya ?