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Re: Fwd: Audi news....

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>>helped repair its image battered in the early 1990s over safety 
>>>questions in the U.S. 
>>What safety questions are they talking about?  This was news to me. My 
>They are probably referring to a time years ago when Audi had the ability
of the automatic >transmission to slip into gear, inadvertently. Remember?
They fixed it so that you had to step on the >brake to put the car into gear
>Lenny Rosenbaum

not quite correct.  incapable pilots would shift into D or R without
ascertaining proper idle or by pure accident and then floor the Go pedal
instead of the Stop pedal.  The lockout mod prevents it by forcing the 
(incompetent) pilot to, gee, put their foot on the brake while shifting out
of P or N.

see previous lengthier posts...

human out

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