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Re: Brake Replacement Time

Mike Thomas wrote: Cost of replacement is approximately $700 (OE
> rotors are about $450; pads $150; balance is labor). 

Holy Highway Robbery Batman!
$400. for a pair of rotors for a 90q... Ask your dealer if it would be 
any cheaper if you bent over and brought your own vaseline to the party?

Pads... $150. this isn't good, but not as much of a gouge as the rotors.

I recently did rotors and pads on my 89 90q at both ends to the tune of 
$425, granted, I did the labor, but that's both ends, and I used ATE 
rotors and PBR metal master pads. (say what you will about the pads, but 
I personally like them for the street where the car spends 98% of it's 
IMHO, find a different dealer, or an independant and source the parts 

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