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Re: Headlights on mid-80's 5000

>and even if they aren't as good as Euro-lights,
>the 4-lamp setup can be free from my mechanic, or from one of the listers
>who wrote back to me.
>I don't need stupendous, just usable.

Hi again Andrew,

	Sorry to hear Europe's off. I've been giving some thought for the last
few years to our lighting problem; I'm running 55/100W or 80/100W on a special
harness with relays in my '87 5KCSQ with only marginal improvement over the
stock 55/60W(legal). But, recently I've been looking long and hard at these
small(very small) hi-power lights from PIAA and CATZ with the idea that they
might fit very nicely in the outer edges of the lower(under bumper) grill on my
car. They are REALLY small, if one can believe the pictures in their magazine
ads. There should be minimum damage to the lower grill, their size shouldn't
interfere too much with the flow of cooling air to the various
radiators/intercoolers, and you avoid the retro look of the 4 ol' rectangular
lights. But if you do go for the retro look and put in the 5.25" Hella/Bosch
units and BIG H4 bulbs; you're still gonna want to go with a wiring harness and
relays. I initially tried to go without them and my "off-road" bulbs started to
melt the stock bulb plugs on hi-beam.

						Happy motoring,


P.S. I, personally, don't like the retro look...

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