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Re: Prospective '91 200Q Wagon buyer...

> ...wants to know of any areas of concern when checking out said wagon.
> Any special foibles or weaknesses to speak of?

Don't have a wagon, but I would check.......

- Make sure it doesn't surge when driving, especially when cold. My car surges
and I believe it to be the O2 sensor, soon to be changed. 

- Make sure you ask about the brake work, I assume it has UFO's. From my
searching and personal experience, some people had very good luck with UFO's
(like my car, originial rotors with 95K on them) and others have a terrible
experience. Either way, you know that they are expensive, about $800 for rotors
and pads from Clair. To inspect the pads, you need to take the wheels off and
really look closesly on the inboard side.

- Ask if the LED display that shows the radio frequency has any problems. I know
a lot of them have had problems, normally they start freakin' out and have
horizonitial lines through them.

- Make sure the trip computer works/including switch.

- I don't think the wagons have phones in them, so you don't need to check that

- Obviously ask when the timing belt was changed last. If the car has only 30K
on it, I would still change it ASAP because it is five years old now. If it
hasn't been changed, I guarantee that it is cracking. Pretty straight forward
job, but it will cost you almost $200 to do it yourself (if you change all of
the belts, water pump, etc.). BTW, I have the tool if you need it.

- Find out when the plugs were changed last, these are the $15-25 plugs.

- My tranny was a little notchy (it still is) as compared to my old 87 5KSQ. I
ended up putting MOBIL 1 in it, it got significantly better.

- I'd be interested in finding out what kind of radio it had, I don't know if
the wagons came with the BOSE system. Ironically, a 91 200qw parked next to me
the other day while in NH, it did not have the built in phone or the bose stero
system. Mine has a CD player in the trunk, the stero sounds great!

- Check out the power steering pump closely, make sure it doesn't have any
leaks, if it does, a rebuilt one is about $300, a rebuild kit is $28, and a lot
of headaches if you've never done it before.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

BTW, I bought my 91 200q in June with 86K on the clock and it had a brand new 12
disc CD player in it. The car lived in New Mexico its whole life and was
basically super clean with exception of the bad series of dings on the passenger
rear door and a couple dings elsewhere. I paid $13,600 with no negotating. I
think if you look for up to six months you can find a deal like mine if you're
really interested.


91 200q (with 97K on it now!)

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