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Re: Auto Trans Fix

Ron, my wifes 88,80 with autotrans, started to seep hypoid into the auto
side. Depending who you talk too, you'll get a variety of responses.
Me I talked with four very knowledgable people whom all gave about the 
same response. So I went with the fix it routine, since I feel I caught 
it early. This being a BIG factor to those whom rebuild'em!
Any how, I ordered a complete seal kit(major) from IPC, got a book from
a friend in the tranny buisness, along with the Bently manual.
The auto tranny was (I feel) rather simple to remove from the final 
drive. It just unbolts, and its half the tranny and the lightest 
portion. The center shaft can make things difficult, and you cant bend 
it, so things are a tight squeeze!
Once I had the autobox out. the seals were simple to remove and install.
I further pulled the pan and flushed all the remaining hypoid out of the 
tranny, with fresh auto trans fluid. This took a few quarts. I inspected 
the innerds, all seemed fine. Put everything back together, filled the 
tranny with Mobil 1 synth fluid, filled final drive with hypoid.
I drove the car about 200 miles and change the Mobil 1 each time till it 
no longer smelled like hypoid.(twice) 

The tranny still survives today, and this was done 2 years ago 
September. The fluid is still red as new and smells like bottled fluid.
So either I'm lucky or the Audi gods didnt demand a sacrafice from me 
that day!

I know alot of tranny shops will just replace the entire assembly. This 
way they know for sure its fixed and can feel good about the warranty.
Plus the majority of their work is Domestic units, and this lends to 
their area of expertise.
PAP in Georgia, has a mechanic whom rebuild's these unit's and is very
knowledgable. Their are a few others your best bet is to call around,
listen to each and compare what they say.  Then decide the best approach
for your situation.