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5000TQ, 200TQ, or V8 which one?

A few more tidbits regarding the 200TQ's 89-91. I took the less expensive route
and bought a later model (11/88 build date) 89 200TQ instead of the 91 200TQ (20V). 

89 Model 200TQ's  have a newer style interior with more wood than on the 5000 cars,
some came with the barco-lounger seats and some with the "sport" seats, improved 
hydraulic systems but not immune to leaks later in their life, better electrics in some 
areas (window switches and regulators) but still had some intermittent 
dash/speedo/computer connection problems. These cars  had some problems 
with the wood dash clear coat getting cloudy over time, this was reportedly 
fixed on later 90 model 200TQ's  (after 11/89 build date). Torsen center diff 
(not manually lockable), lockable rear diff that disengages above 15 MPH. These cars
weigh about 3400 lbs and chassis is reportedly not  as stiff as later 91  (20V) 200TQ's. 
I believe the 91 (20V) 200TQs are a little heavier though at 3600-3800lbs. 
89-90 200TQ's may need fender flaring, or special  offset wheels, or different camber 
settings to run larger dia and or wider tires. Stock tires are 205/60 X15 or 195/65 X15. 
Stock wheels are 15 X 6 mesh BBS (a real pain to keep clean) or the dish type
mags with exposed lug nuts, the optional factory 15 X7 forged fuchs wheels 
from earlier 86-88 5000TQ's fit as well. Aftermarket wheels available.

89 200TQ, Some 89 models have drivers airbag, automatic tensioning seat belt 
system in the event of a severe crash, (Cable system connected to transmission)
alarm system, (the alarm horn is a joke, sounds like it came out of a VW bug) 
89 200TQ after VIN #  44_K_038262, MC engine has 8.4 to 1 compression, 
smaller K24 turbo, different camshaft, intercooler, dual knock sensors, fuel pressure reg, 
MAC14 ECU,  Late MC engine has better low end response, (reportedly the K24 turbo 
makes max boost at 2800 RPM) but according to NED at IA  and others, the performance 
potential (above 250HP) is not as good as earlier 7:8 to 1 compression MC  engines..
1990 200TQ . The 1990's got a different type of wood dash
(no longer endangered species) and have a lumbar adjustment on the seats. I don't know
of any other changes for the 1990 model year, (maybe cell phone, CD player was 
available) The Audi engineers may have made some unseen changes/improvements
in these cars. I have not seen too many of the 1990 model 200TQ cars forsale
in my area, I have seen a few 1990/1991 200 FWD (auto-trans with 10V turbo engines).

Does anyone know how many  89, 90, and 91 200TQ's Audi sold in the U.S.???????

Scott M.