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Re: 4kq exhaust manifold

>I was under my 86 4kcsq for an oil change, and I noticed a part rusting
>away, and am looking to get an ID of what it is.
>It looks like some sort of a heat shield outside of the exhaust manifold.
>It looks like it was once held in place by the manifold studs.  There is a 
>50mm (approx) hose coming off of it, and it looks as if it heads towards
>the airbox.

It is a heat shield/warm air hose that feed the air box in the winter. I 
usually throw the shield away, once the it rusts off the studs and starts to 
rattle. The hose just hangs there, next to the mfld, still doing its job.
I know, I know, it's neglegence bordering on vandalism, but the cars still 
start in January, so, who cares.