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I've been through several "real-world" driving schools in the
past, due to my propensity for driving ambulances and police cars.

Defensive driving is mostly theory, and kind of plays to the
3rd grade level "cars are reaaaalllllly dangerous, so be careful".

Much more useful was the course we nicknamed "offensive driving":
"High Speed Manuevers and Emergency Avoidance Techniques".
This course taught a multitude of useful things like:

	- judging where your car's corners are at all times
	- picking the best lane when something "crops" up
	  in front of you
	- deciding whether to brake, gas, or steer
	- judging road conditions at all times
	- how fast is too fast?
	- what to do when things go wrong or get sideways

You might ask your local police or ambulance crew if this course
is given somewhere for them, and how you might get into it.


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