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S6? Suspension Kit

	I have no idea what differences, if any, there are between the S4 
and S6 susp.  But, I have driven a S4 with the Hoppen kit and found the 
ride to be insufferable.  The suspension in my 91 Landcruiser on bad 
roads feels better. Maybe I am just getting old, but, I would not put 
that kit on any car I own--if I had to drive it here in Indiana--if it 
was installed free.  Serious harshness.  May be fine for the track, don't 
know.  But, how many days are you on the track and how many days are you 
on the road?

	I've said this before, will say it again, if you want to put a 
serious upgrade suspension on your car talk to Eric.  I don't gain 
anything from this plug--just serious grins from my car *wherever* I 
drive it.  Now I just need more motor:)