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Re: Coupe n/a Anti Sways

The Anti-sway bars you are looking for were once made by a company in
SoCAl called Suspension Technique's They don't manufacture this kit any 
longer! However they still have the spec's for construction. I have 
heard that they may be "persuaded" into making old kits! Also the 
suspension on the 1988 Audi 80 uses the same kit! Their some kits 
available in Europe. Be prepaired to pay! Mine cost $379 when Sustech 
was still selling them. 

A word about suspension, you cant have a "cadilac" ride and a "handlin
machine"  at the same time. Its a trade off! the better it handles the
stiffer the ride, and vise-versa! Unless you get a "active" hydraulic
suspension. The Boge's on stock springs, will "tighten" things up a 
bit. Remember- shocks are designed to control the springs rebound.
(I'm headin into STEDI territory) You're gonna have to try different
combinations of setups to see which one you like best. We all have 
different taste's. I run a German set of Eibach springs with 
Bilsteins and Anti-sway bars. Also 195-50-15's on 15x7 wheels. Its 
stiff, firm, responsive, and just how I like it! Others will disagree, 
but for me its just fine!