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Re: Winder Shield

> 	With respect, I think you're missing a crucial point. When replacing a
> windshield the object is not only to get the cheapest replacement price
> - the windscreen AND the method of installation are crucial to getting
> the SAFEST installation. The windshield is an intregal part of the
> safety cage assembly. That alone would get me motivated to make sure I
> got the best for my money, insurance considerations aside.
> 	The manner in which they're installed also assures best chance of no
> leaks or squeaks, etc. 

All very true.  BUT, do you think the dealer does it?  NOOOO.  They turn
around and call an autoglass shop and have them do it.  How do I know?
Well let's just say I heard a dealer calling such a company to remove
a windshield...

In my opinion, the autoglass shops are the ones who have the necessary
experience - after all, they are doing it all day...