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Snow Tires: Bizzak vs. Dunlop Sport M2?

I will own (3-4 weeks) a '97 A4Q. I've been seriously considering buying a
set of snows for the winter, primarily to decrease my stopping distance in
an emergency situation.

A gentleman at NTW said first said that he didn't think I'd need snow tires
with the A4Q. Some salesman, eh? But he did say that the Blizzaks are a
great snow tire ($125 ea.) but their dry road performance is pretty bad. He
also said that an equally good snow tire that is phenomenal on pavement is
the Dunlop Sport M2 ($165 ea.)

1) Does anyone have experience with either of these tires on an A4? How are
the stock tires in snow and ice? 

2) If I were to buy a set of snows, how much do you think I could sell the
brand new stock tires for, and where? Anyone interested in the Boston area?

3) Is it worth the added expense to buy an extra set of rims for the snows?

4) Can anyone recommend a 3 season performance tire for the A4Q that would
improve warm weather handling over the stock all-seasons?