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Re: Snow Tires: Bizzak vs. Dunlop Sport M2?

 tlazay@ultranet.com wrote:
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Snow Tires: Bizzak vs. Dunlop Sport M2?
> Date: Thursday, October 10, 1996 6:25 AM
> I will own (3-4 weeks) a '97 A4Q. I've been seriously considering buying
> set of snows for the winter, primarily to decrease my stopping distance
> an emergency situation.
> A gentleman at NTW said first said that he didn't think I'd need snow
> with the A4Q. Some salesman, eh? But he did say that the Blizzaks are a
> great snow tire ($125 ea.) but their dry road performance is pretty bad.
> also said that an equally good snow tire that is phenomenal on pavement
> the Dunlop Sport M2 ($165 ea.)
I saw Blizzaks in this months R&T for $103 ea I beleive (225-50QR16) DTW
also advertised a complete 15" package for Audi's (4 tires, 4 steel
wheels) for 
just over $500.00.  Looked like a decent deal to me.

I have always preferred to have snow tires mounted on other wheels, for
two reasons
one, I am independent of the tire stores for installing and removing
snows, and two,
I always run the largest diameter wheels available (17"s) on the S6 for my

As to the Blizzaks vs D2's, I would also like to hear from someone who has
some input.