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Re: Engine design

The advantages of interfering engines is that you allow pistons to come 
up very close to the valves thus getting more compression and thus higher 
HP output from the same volume. However, you need to syncronize things so 
the piston doesn't actually hit the valves.

When the timing belt brakes, the valves are left in the position that 
they were prior to breakage, while the pistons continue to move through 
the cylinder for a brief period of time. Bang! The piston hits and bends 
the valves....
This very expensive to fix...

This a very simplified explanation, but gives basic understanding.


On Fri, 11 Oct 1996, Bill wrote:

> Can anyone give a clear explanation of what happens when the timing 
> belt breaks on an interference type engine.  Also what are the 
> advantages of this engine design?
> Thanks
> Bill
> 1992 100s