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Re: My 86 5KCST passed 100,000, checkup time?


>Things I've noticed:  The car has NO problem starting cold.  However, if 
>run it for an hour or so, then park it for like an hour or so, and try 
>start it again....NIGHTMARE.  The thing turns over and turns over and 
>starts when I really play with the gas pedal.  This problem has 
>in recent months (say past 2 months).  Ideas?

Sounds to Me typical symptoms produced by Leaking Injectors:-   I had 
Problem with one of My earlier Cars (Sorry Guys it was a VW Scirocco GTI) 

What happens is that when You turn the engine of and let it sit for a 
while the residual pressure in the Fuel system makes the Petrol drip into 
the Head of the Engine, as Most of the inlet Valves are closed this 
petrol builds up and sits there until You come along and try and start it 
a short time later, this is when this relatively large amount of Fuel is 
dumped into the engine instantly flooding it and hey presto the only way 
to clear it is to "play" with the throttle turn in over and blow out the 
fuel. Just for info the reason why it will start if You leave it longer 
is because the fuel either evaporates or leaks past the Valves into the 
cylinder then past the Rings into the Engine where it later burns off.

Hope This Helps

Lyndon Camidge