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Re: UK Club Jackets

> >Guys, could you please not use my list for this?
> >If you want to make a general statement about the UK 
> >club, fine, but this is getting to be a bit much.
> What's up? Are there some new content rules which have
> been passed since I last received the list instructions on
> 10/18/96.

I'm not trying to be a pain, but the UK club is its own
entity, and while I'm glad they exist and some of you are
interested in joining, I don't want this to be a list for
discussion of UK club matters.  I would apply this to any
other club, including QCUSA.
> One would assume an overseas purchase of quattro
> leisureware would fall under the realm of "anything and
> everything about Audis".

I was very close to canning the silver keyring idea but stopped
before sending out the request.  As far as I can tell, the
jacket is to support the UK club right?  I have no problem 
with announcing the club and the jacket as one of the perks,
but let's leave it at that.

> Getting a bit much? There has been <10 notes generated
> on this subject, nowhere near the volume of the K-run thread.

The Kanc stuff went on forever, mainly because it was the first
time anyone had done something like this.  In the future, I would
like to see a note about a gathering go out to solicit
participants, then everything else handled in private email.

Again, this is *your* list.  I'm just trying to run it 
efficiently.  Discussions or threads that benefit other groups
should not exist.  For example, there is a BMW motorcycle list
but there is also a BMWMOA list for discussion of matters relating
to that club.  No, I can't host any other lists at this time.

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