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Re: UK Club Jackets

Dan Simoes wrote:

> I'm not trying to be a pain, but the UK club is its own
> entity, and while I'm glad they exist and some of you are
> interested in joining, I don't want this to be a list for
> discussion of UK club matters.  I would apply this to any
> other club, including QCUSA.

In the interests of keeping our esteemed listmeister happy, I could set
up a list for the members of the UK quattro Club.  It could be a
temporary list to get the jacket issue resolved, or could be made more
permanent so that we could all be reached via e-mail.  Since I don't
have the horsepower behind my end that Dan does, I'd propose that it
only be used for notification and other similar issues and keep all
discussion here on the main list.

If there is an interest, please reply to me via private email (with
suggestions for the list's name please!) and I will set it up.

With Dan's permission, there would be one more notice once I had it
operational.  (Dan, I welcome comments and/or suggestions.  I'm just
trying to abide by your wishes.)



Gary G. Erickson            Member #82 NW Audi Quattro Club
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