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'90 V8Q tranny ramblings.


Well, finally got some time this weekend to work on my friends
V8Q. (Tranny Fault codes, no power, bad trans solenoid etc. as
some may recall from earlier post.) We had no luck at all 
getting a used tranny (or parts) for the beast, so he had to 
bite the bullet and shell out U$1083.00 for a new valve body.
At least it comes complete with new harness. All because of one 
bad solenoid. The harness is almost identical to the BMW ZF harness, 
same color wires, etc. but with a different style connector at 
the solenoids.  Biggest pain was getting all the components out 
of the way so we could get to the innards. 
Finished the job in about 5 hours, with help of air tools and 
cooperative hardware. Took care of leaking tranny line also and 
a few little odds and ends while there. (What kind of bees built 
that honeycomb we removed from the front "mufflers?") Had a bit 
of guess work figuring out the correct amount of tranny fluid 
to put in.  (Two tranny dipsticks on order.)

After reading up on and speaking to a few "experts" on ZF trannys,
I've concluded that most of the trannys replaced at dealerships
could have just as easily been repaired by changing a solenoid or
harness. Seems like the harness from the old one is ok, and 
at least 4 solenoids are probably ok. I will hopefully never
have to go through this on my own V8Q but I feel a little better
knowing I have some parts for 'sperimentin.

Buttoned it all up and BINGO, the christmas tree that was the 
shift indicator has but one bulb lit at a time, and the performance
has gone from MB-190D to V8Q again. This V8Q seems faster than
mine..and this one still has UFO brakes. UFO-Unbelievabley
F***ing Overpriced.

NOW, the car sometimes doesn't start when hot. I checked my own 
archives (from this list) and will be  a new crank position
sensor.  Thanks to those who posted.

Audi also issued a new bulletin about sealing the tranny, seems
that anything used on the gaskets that prevents them from 
taking in air (something about the design of the sealing lip)
will cause the tranny to leak or spew tranny fluid. If I get
an actual copy of the bulletin I'll post it. 

Considering what the "parts changers" at various dealerships
quoted him..... I'm pretty sure an all expense paid trip to
the "merican autobahn" of Montana for a test drive is in order! ;)



'84 5KS
'90 V8Q
 91 HK with G3 lowers

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