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[Fwd: Re: Sunroof sequence]

Dave I am not sure I succeeded in sending this message before so 2nd. 
try, Regards

Dave Head wrote:
> I believe the timing sequence is off on my 87 tq. The sunroof will stop on
> full up (angle opened) position, and stops once when opening about 3" before
> the forward lip disappears back into the headliner. Pressing the button
> again causes it to then go the rest of the way back. Then when coming
> forward it drags to a crawl, and the headliner bows down as if something is
> out of position. Of course it also seems to try and cock a bit.
> Could someone detail when the microswitches should operate?
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Recommend re-timing roof to micro switches.
Procedure requires manual (allen set wrench located inside sun roof mechanism cover)
operation, dropping drive mechanism slightly to re-time and relubrication of driving 
screw and rail guides. ( silicon spray suggested)
1.- I assume from your description the roof and switches are out of synch (timing) it is 
very important to discontinue motorized operation immediately, because the roof may 
reach a positive stop in one direction while the drive motor does not cutoff and drives 
through the cable screw until the roof rack " jumps " with the consequent damage !!!
2.- Remove yhe small assembly where the front dome light and roof operating switch are 
located, by prying carefully lateraly towards the doors and pulling slightly downwards.
This will allow the switch assembly and lamp to hang from it's hanger.
3.- Looking through the opening locate a phillips screw holding the roof mechanism cover 
(only one screw with washer), be prepared to catch the screw as it comes out propelled 
by Newton...
4.- Carefully lower the rear end of the cover and exert some pull towards the car's rear 
to clear two plastic fingers in the cover's front side, guide the switch assembly 
through it's hole and fully remove cover ( hunt for screw in step 3 if still lost)
5.- Remove manual tool from inside of the cover just removed and place in the center of 
drive gear with hexagonal center...  locate the motor disengage rod ( small 1/8 rod 
resting in a cuout of the motor housing) pull slightly down and rotate about 90 degrees 
clockwise.. now rotate the manual tool clockwise or counter clockwise until roof is 
fully closed (check from ouside to visually verify roof is perfectly flat with the 
stationary roof; if well adjusted the fron end should be flush with the roof  and the 
rear end slightly higher to eliminate wind noise when fully closed. do not try to 
adjust at this time ) This I will call home position.
While what you just did places the roof in the home position, the roof and the switches 
are still out of synch !!!!.
6.- Next step requires loosening but not removing !!!! 3 (three) phillips head screws...
Two located in two elongated slots and one at the other end close to the relay. You must 
use a perfectly fitting screwdriver or phillips head driver socket (preferred), as the 
screws are firmly tight with loctite and will not loosen if the slots are damaged. I 
strongly recommend a phillips socket of the right size driven by  a socket (1/4 drive or 
larger) wrench. This setup allows exertion of force upwards with a good torque leverage.
7.- Loosen the screws slowly specially the two in the elongated slots and pry the motor 
downwards until it disengages from the drive gear. Test for this by little movements of 
the manual tool. As soon as the drive gear feels free, stop loosening the motor 
assembly screws.
8.- Rotate manual tool ( motor disengaged, roof should not move ) until the small tab 
on the drive gear ( where the tool is) lines up with a hole in the motor cam,( this cam 
operates the microswitches) so that a straight line is formed from the center of the 
drive gear, the tab, the hole in the cam and the center of the cam.This is the home 
position of the motro drive and microswitch control. Re engage the motor pusshinf 
upwards and retighten the 3 screws supporting the drive assembly. 
9.- With the drive mechanism set and engaged, but the motor disengaged, rotate the 
manual tool until the sun roof is fully backwards. From this position spray silicon 
lubricant in the visible threads of the drive screw as well as the guide rails. 
Operate the roof back and forth while lubricating and testing for free action.

10.- Restore roof to home position (closed) and re engage the rod to it's catch. You are 
now ready to test electrically.

Above procedure assumes the control microswiches and relay are Ok

Gud lock