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Importing a car to Canada

     FWIW I looked at importing a car from the UK into Canada in 1992. I am UK 
     citizen with a work permit (now landed). I spoke with Canada customs 
     regarding what was neccessary. Before importing the car all fluids must be 
     removed and the car must comply with emmissions standards. The car would be 
     checked thoroughly when it arrived in Canada and if Canadian customs found 
     anything they didn't like they could refuse it's entry. The one caveat is 
     that when I leave Canada I must remove the car from Canadian soil (to the 
     States, heh heh?) otherwise the Mounties will track me down....
     Oh yes and I wouldn't be allowed to resell the car in Canada. In fact if it 
     was written off in an accident I would have to pay to have the wreck 
     shipped back to the UK. 
     Things may have changed, but I doubt it, this was enough to deter me. 
     However.... I would be quite willing to help anyone who would like to 
     import a 959 as long as I can get the car on weekends! This includes Bill.
     Regards, Mike