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Re: 90QC weak points

On Mon, 28 Oct 1996, Darin Nederhoff wrote:

> >All:
> >
> >Kind of a last minute request, so hope some of you can reply in time.
> >
> >I'm gonna look at a 90QC that is being advertized for sale. Other
> >than 
> >the usual used-car items, is there anything particular to this model 
> >that I should also look for? 
> >
> >Please reply if you get this real-time, I'm scoping it out tonight 
> >after work, so digest subbers can ignore this request.
> I'd like to hear 'em too!  I'm looking at a 90 CQ for the 2nd time
> this Wednesday!  :)  BTW, the build date on the car I'm looking at
> was 6/89.  When were the stainless headers used?
> Later,
> Darin
 Stainless tubular headers were on the Coupes in pre-March 1990
Brendan Rudack
Fenton, Michigan USA