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Re: quattro-digest V3 #1297

Fog lights and low beams are not supposed to be aimed the same way!!!!!!!!
It is far better to use the fogs WITHOUT the low beams!!!!!!!!
The low beams reflects back at you while the fogs (assuming they are aimed
correctly) will go UNDER the fog and not reflect back at you. This is also
the reason why the instruction for installing fogs always recommend to
install them UNDER the bumper!!!!!!!!!!
I hope the above information helps.
Avi Meron
86 5K cstq, a veteran of 10 (or more) Bosch fog lights (junk!) 6 sets of
Hellas (very good!) and currently Pia (very good) about to install another
set of 550 Hellas. All the above 16 sets of fogs were sacrificed to gods of
winter in WI and MN.