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Suspension Upgrades for 5ktq?

I bought an 87 5ktq last year which a kind list-member found for me in RI 
(thanks Shef ).  I've really come to appreciate its fine teutonic 
engineering compared to the average mass market auto.  After purchasing the 
Bentley and working with my cousin (another Audiphile list-member) on 
several projects,  I 'd like to upgrade the handling.  For starters , I'm 
considering replacing the front struts and rear shocks.    Has anyone tried 
cutting one coil off the stock springs to lower and stiffen the ride? 

The BOGE parts catalog only list front Turbo Gas but no listing for rears. 
 What other performance oriented rear shocks are available?  Koni? 
 Bilstein?  I'm really looking for a decent upgrade at a reasonable cost.

What is the net wisdom on changing suspension  bushings to a stiffer 
material like plastic?  How about noise?

Are there any other cost-effective handling upgrades such as bigger 
swaybars?  I already plan on getting stickier tires when the current ones 
wear out.

Sean Dhanraj (Please cc to sjagernauth@attmail.com)
'87 5kcstq Sahara Beige