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Heater Help Needed

Here are the climate control diags
I got from Jim and Wendy at the DC gathering:
climate diag codes are reached by pressing out temperature and off same time.
step up with warmer, access data with colder.  Channel 7 is for the flaps.
8 segments arranged   - -  lousy art, but anyway  call them   1 2
                     |   |                                   3   4
It's not the order   |   |                                   5   6
in the book, but will - -                                     7 8
do for now.  1 is the temp flap (warmer)  2 is AC recirc closed
             3 is fan?stage 1             4 is center vent open
             5 is ac on                   6 is bi lev vent open
             7 temp flap (cool)           8 is floor vent open
Other channels are
1(system faults) 3(internal temp) 4(plenum temp) 5(rad inlet air temp)
8(temp flap position spec) 9(temp flap position actual) 10(blower volts)
11(battery voltage) 13(ambient temp) 15(auto tran kickdown)
16(coolant over temp) 21(AC on) 22(# of low voltage occurances)
others listed as not used.
I get wierd readings on some of the temperature channels, maybe they are
in code, not degrees??
'86's: 5ks&5ktq (still 10sec starting) by the Hudson