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Re: A4 antenna amp?

On Nov 2,  2:17pm, Jay@aol.com wrote:
> Subject: A4 antenna amp?
> I've got the stereo mostly installed now (I'll submit a stereo
> FAQ when it's complete).  However, the FM reception is even
> worse than before - it seems to drop in and out about every 10
> feet.

Is the antenna actually connected?  I know, this sounds like
a dumb question, but I've done worse...   Also, I've heard that
Audi uses a non-standart antenna connector.  If you're using
an adapter, check and make sure the adapter is OK.

> I am running the Sony's "power antenna" lead to the car's
> "antenna switch" line, and it -does- get worse when I
> disconnect it, so I know the antenna's getting at least some
> power.

Interesting.  I wasn't aware that the A4 had an antenna
amplifier.  Figured that the power lead was just used to turn
on the rear speaker amp.

> The Sony lead is marked "0.1A max", and I
> wonder if I need to supply a full 10A power feed to the antenna
> amp somewhere as well?

Is Sony's turn-on lead (usually blue) fused?  If so, and you draw
more current than it wants to supply, the fuse will tell you.
If not, and you think you may be drawing too much, check the
voltage on that lead when it's not connected and the radio is
on (should be very close to the car's supply voltage, 13+ volts),
then connect it and check the voltage.  If it's more than a volt
lower when it's connected (you could also put an ammeter in series
to tell more accurately!), consider using a relay.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q