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Re: A4 antenna amp?

In a message dated 96-11-04 10:37:44 EST, dan_masi@MENTORG.COM (Dan Masi)

> Is the antenna actually connected?  I know, this sounds like
>  a dumb question, but I've done worse...   

As have I.  When I worked as a tech support rep, we used to ask people to
"unplug your modem from the wall, and take a look at the connector" so that
they could "discover" that it wasn't plugged in in the first place... 

> Also, I've heard that
>  Audi uses a non-standart antenna connector.  If you're using
>  an adapter, check and make sure the adapter is OK.

Yup, it's a pretty straightforward adapter - VW/Audi to the "normal" antenna.
 Purely physical.

>  > I am running the Sony's "power antenna" lead to the car's
>  > "antenna switch" line, and it -does- get worse when I
>  > disconnect it, so I know the antenna's getting at least some
>  > power.
>  Interesting.  I wasn't aware that the A4 had an antenna
>  amplifier.  Figured that the power lead was just used to turn
>  on the rear speaker amp.

Nope, there is definitely a difference in signal strength when you feed the
"switch" line.

>  > The Sony lead is marked "0.1A max", and I
>  > wonder if I need to supply a full 10A power feed to the antenna
>  > amp somewhere as well?
>  Is Sony's turn-on lead (usually blue) fused?  If so, and you draw
>  more current than it wants to supply, the fuse will tell you.

Nope, not fused.

>  If not, and you think you may be drawing too much, check the
>  voltage on that lead when it's not connected and the radio is
>  on (should be very close to the car's supply voltage, 13+ volts),
>  then connect it and check the voltage.  If it's more than a volt
>  lower when it's connected (you could also put an ammeter in series
>  to tell more accurately!), consider using a relay.

Thanks, I'll try that.  I have a multimeter than can handle up to 10A, but I
can never remember how you're supposed to measure amps - just that the wrong
way will blow your MM fuse.  So I should connect it in series - that is, Sony
blue lead to ammeter black, ammeter red to the place where the blue lead was
plugged in before?