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Re: 97 a$ changer[D[D

At 02:16 PM 11/5/96 -0500, pk001c@uhura.cc.rochester.edu wrote:
>Hi I just bought a 97 a4 .  I was wondering if anyone knew where the cahnger
>could be bought at a bit of discount.  And if anyone knows how to instal it.
>By the way does anyone else have an a4 2.8 quattro?  mine is an automatic,
>the wife caused this.  As it is brand new I am not pushing it hard, but it
>feesl very sluggish, anyone else have these experinces?

I'm in the same boat...

Ours now has about 9000 miles and it has loosened up quite a bit.  It's not
going to win any drag races because of the smoothness of the 5-speed auto.
The power definitely builds at around 3000 rpm, which is the meat of the
power band for the engine.  I find the car is unbelieveable around turns and
at high speeds; it is just coming into its element at 75 MPH...

As far as the CD Changer goes, I would try to call Clair Audi in Boston
(info on the list's web page).  Make sure you refer to this list and the
give you a discount.  Dan Masi (dan_masi@MENTORG.COM - sorry for always
refering people to you, Dan) had a great write-up on how to install the CD