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Re: turbo care

In a message dated 96-11-06 09:48:30 EST, you write:

<< I believe that You comment about "Mr Garrett" is probably not far from 
 the Mark, it also points out that Garrett Maybe don't know as much about 
 Quality / Long life turbos as they think they do !. . . & Maybe that's 
 Why Audi Use KKK Turbos
 Lyndon Camidge
 P.S. My 20V Quattro Turbo has now done 119k Miles on the original Turbo 
 with no sign of wear (Touch Wood !)  >>
....  Used to race dodges with the Garrett, and the difference may surprise
you....  Audi prolly could have used the Garrett (and many turbo upgrades use
them), but KKK is in the faterlund after all...  The main difference I have
found is that the kkk is much meatier, which prolly translates into better
heat dissipation, however a garrett spools much faster for the same size
turbo...  Audis "seem" to last longer with the kkk units, but all audi turbos
use an external oil cooler, something most garrett applications do not....
 Proper oil changes and idle down procedures make the garrett kkk's equal,
and on performance, at least par....   The addition of the water cooled
bearing housing on turbos massively extends the life of either (SAE #
860103), my own opinion is that audi puts more cooling stuff (afterun pump,
injector fan, oil cooler) than most car manufaturers....  There are more
Garretts on the road than kkk, at least here in the US, and turbos aren't
rocket science (well ok, a form)...  The only real difference is that the
garrett tends to be lighter in construction than the kkk....  Certainly
something that proper care can equalize....