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Re: A4 Rain guard screw?

At 08:07 PM 11/6/96 -0500, Jay@aol.com wrote:
>In installing this #(*$ stereo, I removed a screw/bolt from the plastic rain
>guard under the hood on the passenger side, right below the windshield.  I
>didn't keep it separate, or I don't think I did.  The two "standard" Audi
>bolt types are not fitting back into this spot.  Can someone check and see
>what's in there?  I may have used it someplace else, or it may have rolled
>under the seats...

If I understood what you're looking at, it's the piece of plastic that runs
the entire length of the windshield...  If so, it is held in place by four
screws that have large, round and flat heads.  They look like they could be
unscrewed with a quarter.  Also on the passenger side, away from the
windshield is a single screw/bolt that requires a ratchet (maybe 1/4 inch
hex?).  Hope this helps...