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Re: Bel radar comparison

At 02:29 PM 11/7/96 -0500, Robert Myers wrote:
>I have the 745sti+.  It's nice and sensitive but I get falses out the
>ying-yang.  It beeps at me about 4-5 times in just about every mile of
>highway driving.  It even beeps at me on one lane country roads 5 miles from
>Nowhere, West Virginia.  It drives me nuts.  On rare occasion, it even gives
>me warning about an actual REO.
>I think I need to send it back to see if anything can be done with it.

Do you have a portable cellphone (not installed in the car).  My Motorola
definitely causes some Ka falses on this detector.  It also happens on the
Escort Solo 4.  I eliminated all the falses by using a glass-mount antenna
on the back window.