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Re: 1990 Coupe Q speakers


I can't offer much help concerning the rear half of the car, but an
interesting thing that was done to my '91 Coupe Q by its previous owner
with the defroster vents on the dash.  Essentially, he pitched 'em.  Not
to worry.  He had a cool Idea.  We cut through the vent duct and ran a
wire through and spliced onto the speaker right beside it.  Apparently,
he took the little tweeters with him that he put in place of the vent
covers, so I had to get another pair myself.  Well worth not having your
side windows defog as quickly.  (The defroster system is extremely
efficient anyway)  The treble up front is great.  Well, that's just me. 
Let us know how yours turns out.

JP Mahala (jpmahala@juno.com)

'91 Coupe Quattro (having a coffee break)
Mom's '89 100 E? (What is that 'E' for anyway?)