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Top Gear Rally for N64

Speaking of Rally sims...

>From what I understand, There is to be an excellent Rally sim released
for the Nintendo 64 sometime soon next year.  I believe it is to be
published by KEMCO.  It is supposed to be very detailed and thorough,
technically speaking, and it is also supposed to offer many different
courses as well as cars.  From the reviews I have seen, there is at least
a Celica, a Toyota truck, and yes a PORSCHE.  I am keeping my fingers
crossed hoping that among the other vehicles offered will be a Quattro.

If anyone can find out how to get in contact with the company, I would
more than love to put a bug in their ear. (hope it's not too late!)

>From seeing what the N64 is capable of, this game is a Must Have.

JP Mahala (jpmahala@juno.com)

'91 Coupe Quattro (prefers to wreck in virtual reality)