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Re: Bel radar comparo

In a message dated 96-11-07 14:57:32 EST, you write:

<< I have the 745sti+.  It's nice and sensitive but I get falses out the
 ying-yang.  It beeps at me about 4-5 times in just about every mile of
 highway driving.  It even beeps at me on one lane country roads 5 miles from
 Nowhere, West Virginia.  It drives me nuts.  On rare occasion, it even gives
 me warning about an actual REO.
 >I'm looking to replace my radar detector since my disappeared when my
 >car was stolen.  I've been looking at either the Bel 745STi Plus or the
 >Bel 850STi.
I personally think you're all crazy to even consider the High $$ Bell when
the V-1 is in a class by itself. I had the 745STi and it also drove me crazy
falsing in the middle of nowhere, especially the laser. Made the darn thing
useless, since it cried wolf all the time. I returned it with the customary
rant and rave letter.

The V-1 only falses occaissionally with Ka given off by bad detectors, and it
even tells you the difference (usually) between fake and real Ka! Never
falsed on me in laser. The locator is a godsend, since if a weak but
persistant signal is shown to be from behind you can just step on it and out
run 'em! Worth every penny of the $399.

I believe it comes with a 30 day money back no Q's asked offer, so I
recommend putting it on the plastic, using it, and if you don't like it
return it; you'll have never actually paid for it!

My seltzer (.02 plain)


Jonathan Fenton     JEFDO@aol.com
Montpelier, VT
'93 S4sIA3