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RE: Leaded or unleaded


If the car you are looking at is an "E-reg" 1988 model year car, then it will
have the torsen center diff, watercooled K24 turbo, 2226cc engine with higher
compression and knock sensor, etc. No "voice" and an orange dash. Check the
diff lock control in the panel in front of the gearshift. If it's a push
button, it's torsen equipped, if it's the 2-stage twist knob, it ain't. All
1988 model year quattros have the torsen diff.

Over here in the land of freedom, our govenment forbids us from having leaded
fuel and ur-quattros. But the Audis that do make their way into the hands of
freedom-loving AmericaTst meet a variety of government imposed rules and
freedom-loving Americans must meet a variety of government-imposed rules and
regulations. One of which is running on unleaded fuel only. I'm pretty sure
Audi didn't make any non-emissions related changes to the engines in the US
only cars, so you could run your '88 ur-quattro on unleaded I guess. But I
think that you should use whatever fuel is recommended.

I'm going to go pursue some happiness in my big-bumpered, smog controlled
Audi now.

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