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Warm up regulator

In message <vines.izZ7+iPuUmA@bangate2.tek.com> scott.john.mockry@bangate1.tek.com writes:

> If the regulator is like mine, the little plastic cap over the vacuum actually is
> a dust cap and has a hole in it to allow atmospheric pressure to act on the diaphram
> inside. This leans out the mixture at higher elevations.
> You might pull the cap off and take a look, the open slot in the cap points down
> normally.

Yup.  There is a small slot as you describe, plus no special attempts
to make it airtight.  It's a dustcap.

> 6 bar control pressure sounds very nasty, must have been rather lean.....

The plugs were whiter than a quattro owner looking at a service bill.

 Phil Payne

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