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A4 2.8 Power Question

Well I am very close to purchasing a new A4, and I think I know about all I 
can know about it without actually owning one.  I do have a question about 
the power of the 2.8 engine though.

It has been much discussed both on this list and in the automotive 
magazines that the 2.8 V-6 engine does not exactly blow you away with its 
off-the-line speed.  That much I can tell from my test drives as well, but 
it does seem adequate for the car.  But I was wondering how good the power 
is when you are already moving along, such as on the highway (60-70 mph) 
and when you are on the local roads (30-40 mph).  Is that where the power 
of the V-6 engine lies?  Can you do a good job of getting on the highway, 
passing slower traffic, accelerating to pass the semi when the lane is 
ending, etc.?  That is the kind of power which is more important to me with 
the type of driving I usually do.  While I have tried to get a feel for 
that when test driving, it is hard to simulate many real-world conditions  
 on a all-too-brief test drive.

Any impressions or opinions?

Thanks in advance,