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my almost new 5kst

I just got my 5kst last week. It's one of those "bastard" cars with an auto and
no after run pump for the turbo. It does have 60k documented mil;es on it and
the guy even gave me extra turbos, manifolds, a complete exhaust, and various
other thinhgs I might need down the road. I need help trying to figure one
thing out: when it is cold, the readout shows about 1.4 1.5 barat moderate
throttle openings, but it's feels of and on again and the revs seem limited. Is
this normal? Once it warms up, it's ok. Another thing: I want to use synthetic,
but because of cost, and the availabilty of the grade that I want, I'm using
Pennzoil 1040 and Stp oiltreatment. I will chang the oil every 2000 miles, but
my quaestion is is 15 50 Mobil 1 good for winter use? Most everyone uses it,
but I'm a little weary of it during cold starts. What about engine treatments
lioke Duralube? I used Duralube before in my5ks and it started much easier and
ran a little cooler. I was reluctant to uise it, also. How is ity in our turbo
motors? Thanks.....Steve
84 5ksT 60k miles (one of those bastards) 

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