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Re: Synthetic Oil - Factory

> From:          "Meron" <phwomp@cosmoslink.net>

> Thanks for the post Al, I read it all, word by word!
> Avi Meron

> 86 5Kcstq  with 175,000 K  not one drop of synthetic in the CC, no lifter
> clatter,  former owner of a Diesel Jetta with app. 370,000 K , 5 engine 
> rebuilds and used synthetic (Delvac 1 Mobil) all its life, excluding  
> break in.
> What do recommend Al ? Answer has to be a short one, I still have 210
> unread posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Thanks again, and be nice to me, I am a liberal with very sensitive
> feelings.

You are clearly doing excellent maintenance on your vehicles and have 
also had good mecnahincal fortune as far as heating problems, etc.  
Clearly, you are going to get excellent engine life regardless of 
whether you use synthetic or a high-quality petro-oil (and both are 
considerably tweaked and modified by the manufacturers.)

Shux, use your own judgement.  I like the extra edge I get from 
running synthetics.  Since both my cars are Turbos, I would not 
consider doing otherwise...that's simply *my* judgement.

I suspect your feelings aren't all *that* tender or you would have a 
tough time on this list!!  ;-)  Nudge, nudge....

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