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Re: Financing/Leasing sources

Hairy green toads from Mars made Scott Bermes say:

> Are there any leasing vendors in the marketplace which will do business 
> without having to purchase a car from a dealer? If I see a '94-'96 
> model from a private seller, where can I go to look at a lease?  
> Financing a S4/S6 on a 5 year bank note is still an expensive 
> proposition for my budget.

Likely not (by definition). Leasing implies that you are "renting"
the car from the company, and intend to give it back when done.
A private seller wants to sell it, not rent it.

There are some companies in the computer business that "buy"
things, then lease them back, but it's a very complex business
driven by the fact that computers are commodity items, and the
bizarre tax laws around capital and depreciation.

I doubt anyone does anything like it for cars, especially a specialty
car like the S6 that they likely can't sell afterward.

I get about $800/month for $40K over 5 years at 7%. Over 6 years,
that is about $680. Tough, but who said owning Audis was easy?


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