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Re: tricking the compooter

In a message dated 96-11-13 09:24:51 EST, you write:

<< PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:
 > The easiest way to do that would be with a 1.5 bar spring in the WG.....
 > computer shuts off at 1.5-1.6 (depends on your pressure transducer)....
 > the simplest thing would be to shim the spring or replace it with a
 > one.... 
 Well, I found it even easier to run positive manifold pressure, through a
 regulator, to the open nipple on the wastegate, helping hold it closed.
 I didn't have to open the wastegate to screw around with springs, and it's
 adjustable with a turn of the regulator. You can even run the line into
 the cockpit for in-car adjustability.
 I haven't changed anything in the computer, so I still hit the limit
 at 12psi, and then back it off one notch.
 83 urq
And a great mod for the 83-84 cars....  Unfortunately on the 86>91 10vt cars
the wastegate solenoid is at that port already, doing exactly what you are,
only again, by computer set limits (+/- .1-.2bar)so to put the schrapnel
knobben on might be more of a challenge...  I suppose you could tap it into
the bottom hose (ala 20vturbo), but again, since you are limited to the
computer boost preset, the spring is the easiest way to address boost....  A
better mod on the later cars would be to address the programming of the DC in
the WG solenoid circuit...