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tricking the compooter

>I haven't changed anything in the computer, so I still hit the limit
>at 12psi, and then back it off one notch.
>83 urq


My testin in my 82 UrQ told me that about HALF the improvement
comes from the changes to the ECU and about half from the 
increased boost.  One without the other is only a fraction of
the improvement.

Here are some test results for 30-70 in thrid gear:

    11.2 at stock boost of 11 psi and no ignition advance 
    10.3 at 15 psi with stage one ignition advance and full tank
    9.3 at 16 psi and stage two ignition advance
    8.2 at 18 psi with stage two and water injection and IC spray bar

I have not made any ECU modification kits for the Ur-Q for many
months, but the differences above give some indication of how well
they work.

paul timmerman