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Re: tricking the compooter

ptimmerm@mashtun.JPL.NASA.GOV wrote:
>     11.2 at stock boost of 11 psi and no ignition advance
>     10.3 at 15 psi with stage one ignition advance and full tank
>     9.3 at 16 psi and stage two ignition advance
>     8.2 at 18 psi with stage two and water injection and IC spray bar
> I have not made any ECU mod kits for the Ur-Q for many months...

Stock I only got about 7psi, I needed the pressure mod to get
up the 11-12psi, why was yours more?

Do you still make ECU mod kits? what do they do? Do they also
handle the ignition advance, or do you have to do that separately?

83 urq